Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jamie and Andy Have Gray Walls

Sima Senders with Samara at Lions Gate on her eightieth birthday
I am hoping that I am done with the gray theme after this. I am ready for a new color to present itself, as long as it is not blue.

Saturday morning, during services, we were asked to take charge of the food for the Israel 60 celebration. I need to check my calendar to see when Izzy is coming to stay for the summer, but with Saul off from school by then, it should work out. Saturday evening, we all drove out to Jamie and Andy’s new home in Delaware for a housewarming party. Their home is just three years old, really lovely, with a great layout, and nice yard. On the first floor the walls are painted two soothing and appealing shades of gray. My kids are always chiding me for loving gray so much and urging me to add other colors. I have acquiesced, but I really am happy with monochromatic colors, especially gray. For me, it is like having a blank canvas on which I can let my imagination loose. Anyway, I loved the gray walls and I hope Jamie and Andy will have many happy years together in their beautiful new home.

I crept out of bed early on Sunday to try to finish my work before leaving for Washington. Ordinarily, with Passover coming at this late date in the month, everything would be squared away, but my sources have not been very empathetic to deadlines this year.

The landscaper that Beth located on Craig’s List has been wonderful. He came Saturday with his girlfriend and did a terrific job at Beth’s. Sunday afternoon, he came with his brother to begin our property. He was unhappy about how the liriope looked after he began trimming it. He said he would return this afternoon to do a better job. Not bad, considering that I thought it looked just fine. How refreshing to find someone who still takes pride in his work. When Saul returned from his Masonic meeting this evening, the huge pile of mulch on the driveway was gone. He did not have a chance to see the finished job, but the guy said he would be back tomorrow to collect his (very reasonable) pay.

I will be happy to post the recipe for chestnut soup when I return home on the 22nd, Beth.

Rif called Saul this evening and they had the first civil conversation they have had since October. Now that the air has been cleared a little bit, I hope he will be able to sleep better. We had all called his mother for her eightieth birthday and sent flowers and strawberries. His mother sounds reasonably happy and that has put us all more at ease.

I came to Washington with Ari last night because Saul has classes this week and an executive meeting at Chestnut Hill College on Friday that he absolutely has to attend. I told Jessica I would help with the Passover desserts, so coming Friday night would not have done the trick. Naomi and Matt have to be in Baltimore tomorrow and are coming to pick me up in the afternoon. By then, the maid should be done cleaning and the house fully kashered so that I can begin preparing. I hope the weather will be good the rest of the week so that I can have some respite from my dog allergies outside.

This morning, after I made breakfast for Ari and he left for work, I went back to bed. I thought I had slept well last night, but I fell asleep until 10:30 a.m. I think that the relief of not having anyone to worry about but myself was the reason. Mom spends most of her time in her room these days, but the problem with her hands and the fact that she is a little off-balance these days is probably weighing on me. We have been living together for over 15 years, now, so I rarely think about the psychological effects of our lives together.

Saul and I have not been apart for five days since Jessica was born. Back then, they kept you in the hospital for five days after a normal delivery. Imagine that! Now, you are lucky if you get 24 hours. She was born the day before Passover. Thirty-three years have come and gone and how the world has changed! I guess I’ve earned the gray hairs, but the biggest reward will be seeing my little ones tomorrow.


Ari said...

I would have thought he'd come to visit you and Jessica at least a few times during those five days.....

sabasenders said...

He did come every day to be with his newborn. I did love Andy and Jamie's house. It is so nice to see them so happy and pleased. I hope they have many happy years together.

there is nothing wrong with gray! By the way there are so many shades of gray, that one I'm sure could find some that please them.

The gardner did such a nice job. I told him we would call after the holidays. That is in about 2 weeks.

Well I am off to bed. Morning comes so suddenly.

I miss u