Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PB & J

PB & J = Presley Bella and Jamie

Here we go again...
Presley just went down for a nap as I finished reading Aunt Mar's blog. I think she was bored from watching me type e-mail after e-mail, attempting to catch up. I started reading to her, but I think that was what ultimately put her to sleep. Good girl. I am glad that we didn't come to Shabbat dinner on Friday night because we both ended up in the thick of some horrible colds that lasted the entire weekend and then some (and on top of that, my show was canceled at the last minute due to some immature teenagers that I need to speak with tonight - ugh). I mostly felt bad for Presley. She was all stuffy. She has a love-hate relationship with the aspirator. Poor girl. I am feeling much better today. I rested most of yesterday. The asthma is still there. Although, I only need to take the inhaler a couple times a day, if that, so as grandma/gg says, "I can't complain."

Last week, Presley started talking for the first time. I know there are a ton of family jokes that you are all concocting as you read this, so I will just be quiet (for once! - see, even I can't resist) and let the video do the talking.

We are really looking forward to both gg's birthday brunch on Sunday AND Passover Seder on Wednesday. I was able to get instant coverage for my dance classes. The other teachers/directors were really understanding and willing to help out so I could have off that night. I have a dance competition coming up on April 19 in Plymouth Meeting, PA, so I am doing all I can to make each class count. The competition is free to watch at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, if anyone wants to come! I am working on doing an extra class free of charge on Saturday evening, just to help us prepare.

Speaking of preparations, please let us know if we can bring anything to gg's birthday brunch. I think I mentioned before that I am really good at making quiche! Probably best to call though, I am finding my online minutes are few and far between. Although, we are working on getting a web-cam so we can use Skype. I think Andy may be (reluctantly) on board. Haha! I think his tune will change, once he sees it in action.

You also reminded me that I got to work on an amazing event two weekends ago (Sunday, March 15) called the Citizens Bank Caesar Rodney Half Marathon in Wilmington for the American Lung Association (ALA). We had over 1600 people in attendance. I no longer work at the ALA as of that event, so I am home now during the day to raise Presley. She is worth it. You reminded me because I worked with a volunteer named Roxy. She is the life of the party. She made the days leading up to the event, and the event itself, loads of fun. I told her that I know another woman named Roxy (your friend) who is also a joy to be around. I am half-inclined, if I have another girl, to name her Roxy! Can't you see it: Roxy Parker. What a name! That one would HAVE to be famous. On that note, I am going to sign off. Hope everyone is well. Until next time, much love from the Parkers.

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Marilyn said...

Presley’s “putt-putt” is very sweet indeed! Thanks for adding some sugar to my day. I know my friend, Roxy, will enjoy the “honorable mention.”