Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Samara’s Corner

How my life has been for the past two years and counting

I know that it has been a couple years since I have done a blog post. I have been thinking about a diary for my bat mitzvah, which is next year, if you did the math, and I decided it would be better to post it on Bub’s blog. But before I start, I think it would be fair if I tell some of the things that have majorly happened with me and my family since that is the year after I stopped posting. Lets see…

10 years old
Let’s see, I don’t think that anything happened when I was 10. I was still in Waldorf when I did my last post, but I was having a great time. Izzy had joined Waldorf and she was having just as good a time as I was. I did my play and she did hers. I went on my field trips and she went on hers, and we weren’t even fighting as much. Yona had just been born and all was well. I was doing Greek mythology and having a great time. We did a Greek play at the end of the year, and I was the main character, and I was so happy at Hebrew school and was doing great there as well. And there was morning and there was evening, a first year.

11 years old
Eleven years old was the most challenging year, so far, in my life. It started when I heard that we were moving. I remember feeling crushed that I would lose everything that I knew, but I knew that we had to have a change sometime this year. We found a new house (after a lot of difficulty) and, finally, we moved in. It was like mother nature didn't want us to move in. We had so many casualties while we were trying to move in. We had 1 hurricane, 1 earthquake, 1 sewer backup and a very bad kitchen, but we persevered and pushed ahead. We got scared by the earthquake, bailed for the hurricane (yes, like you do on a ship) and fixed the sewer problem (which set us back a few months) and, well, we made it, so, there was morning and there was evening, a second year.

My life today at 12 years old
Well, here we are in seventh grade, at the year where you officially take responsibility, but I think that is your life just getting started. The first thing that I found out at school this year (and it is not good) is that my best friend from last year, Alina Young, was not going to be with me. But I got a new friend, Sam Etore. She is sweet, kind and very forgiving. 

When we were in the summertime, and in the beginning, we were doing the bad kitchen and making it good. Our neighbor did most of it with his friend, the contractor, and it was cool to see the kitchen coming together, and finally it was done. It is grey and sleek and shiny with quartz counter-tops and lots of cabinet space and shelf space. It even has two dishwashers. I have done my best at school, learned a lot and I have joined three clubs. And it is three clubs too many, but I feel that I am making a lot more friends than I did last year, and the best part is that I am still seeing Alina at one of the clubs that I am in. I am the sole person in Ravenclaw at Harry Potter Club and I am proud. And I am having a blast even though I am not in Waldorf anymore. I am having fun at other people’s bar and bat mitzvahs and I have one to attend in every weekend in October and November, and wish me luck on mine as well. There was morning and there was evening and we’re still in the third year.

No wait there's more!
I’m doing a lot more of these, hopefully, so go into Samara's Corner and stay tuned for updates about my bat mitzvah. As for me, reading is not a problem. I have a few books that I think you should read...
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
The Mysterious Benedict Society
The Perilous Journey, Benedict Society 2
The Prisoner’s Dilemma, Benedict Society 3
The Little House on the Prairie series
The Percy Jackson series
The Kane Chronicles
The Heroes of Olympus series
Harry Potter (Do not read her newest book. Everyone says it’s horrible.)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
Stone Soup Magazine
Nancy Drew (old version)
Treasures of Weatherby
Philippa Phishers Fairy Godsister
Tales of Emily Windsnap series
D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths
D’Aulaires’ Book of Norse Myths
Sticks Across the Chimney

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