Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mother's Day Coming Up

My sister called this morning to find out what we are doing about Mother's Day this year. I didn't even see it coming and it is only ten days away! We have divided up holidays in this family and Mother's Day has always been mine. I told her I would talk to Saul and to assume I would be making the usual brunch unless she heard from me otherwise. I pointed out that this year was going to be a bit of a shock for Saul. His mother has always joined us for Mother's Day. Since we took her from our house to his sister's house (where she wanted to be) in October, she has not called him even once, not to wish him a happy birthday, not to ask how he is feeling since his stroke, not to ask about her great-grandchildren… nothing. She is happy to talk to him if he calls her through his sister, but otherwise, she seems unconcerned about any of us. It is very hard on him. He used to call his mother almost every day beginning when his father died. He bought and still pays monthly for a cell phone so she could reach him in an emergency. Since she went to live with his sister, the cell phone has been turned off and he can only reach her when his sister filters the calls. She and her husband have completely taken over their mother's financial affairs, and yesterday, they put her house up for rent on Craig's List.

We discussed Mother's Day arrangements when he came home from work today. We will be doing the usual brunch. He will call his sister to talk to his mother to wish her well. We will send flowers. I am sad to say that I hope she has lost her mind. Having a mother who doesn't care is much too painful.

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