Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ocean City, NJ, Part 7

I think this may actually be a short entry tonight. We went biking early today with Jessica using Saul's bike. He decided to let his knees recover a bit and get some work done learning the new upgrade for his course for the fall. He also has spent quite a few pleasant hours organizing and preparing the photos and videos we have taken. He would have had a grueling ride today as the wind was quite strong which makes peddling difficult and hard on the muscles and joints, like peddling uphill in one direction and coasting down in the other. The weather was gray and misty when we left and I was sure we would have rain pouring down at any minute, but by the home stretch, the sun was breaking through.

When we returned, the girls were happy to just play quietly with each other and with their toys and watch t.v. Alex went to the gym and Jessica went for a walk while Saul and I just relaxed. I boiled some frozen tortellini for lunch to accompany what few leftovers we still have. When we finished lunch, we drove over to Gillian's Wonderland where they have a special deal on Wednesdays from 1 to 4 p.m. For $20 per girl, they each received a bracelet that allowed them to ride any ride in the park as much as they wanted. In three hours time, I think they covered 90% of the rides available, some twice. Izzy has a problem being "under the line" that allows taller, older kids on the wilder rides. Sami doesn't like the really wild rides, but worked up to some of them little by little. Even Alex, who shuns the rides, went on the log flume today. I was delighted to find that Gillian's still uses their apparatus for catching rings at the merry-go-round (see blog of Thursday, May 15 titled "I Never Caught the Brass Ring), although they don't begin using it until after 6 p.m. After three hours, we returned, showered the girls and, after resting for a while, drove down to a tiny Greek restaurant we had noticed on 9th Street called Katina's. We only needed to wait about 15 minutes for a table. The food was classic Greek fare, spanakopita, dolmades, gyros, kabob's, salads etc., all prepared competently with fresh ingredients. The ambience was small taverna. The service was pleasant and friendly--again, a rather successful evening.

We drove over to Jake's Water Ice just in time for the Disney trivia contest this evening. Again, we came in third behind the other two groups to whom we usually lose. We only missed two of the 20 questions. The winners, again, had a perfect score. Ice cream is our consolation. Tomorrow is our last full day here as we have decided to head for home on Friday afternoon so that we can observe Shabbat and avoid the Saturday traffic jam. We are already feeling nostalgic.

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