Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Samara's Corner

In the last 2 weeks I:

I lost my tooth. I took swimming lessons. I saw the movie “WALL-E." "WALL-E" was about a little robot discovering Earth! I made a new necklace for Saba with little beads! I MADE BREAKFAST FOR BETH!!! I made BLUE-blueberry corn muffins, fruit salad, poi pancakes, peach jelly, and no-pulp orange juice. We went to see the movie “Kung Fu Panda," which was about a noodle-seller dragon warrior!!! And we had a bed-time story about Shmuel the delivery boy!!! It was also about Shmuel’s sister, and how Shmuel taught a history class about Israel to meet Marilyn. Another bedtime story from the book, Samantha, was about a cat statue from China named Crow-Chin-Pantha!!!


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have been very busy! I wish I could have tasted your delicious breakfast. I love all of the details in what you wrote, and I especially love the drawing of saba's necklace. It looks exactly like the real thing! I have been very bad about writing my blogs this past week :( I have just been sooo busy, but I will catch everyone up when we go on vacation! :)

Ari said...

The blue corn blueberry muffins were delicious! So was the fruit salad.

I wish I hadn't been in such a rush on Sunday, or I would have hung out a bit longer.

Hope to see you soon!

Alex Weinberg Blogspot said...

WOW SAMI!! You have been busy! It sounds like you made a very fancy breakfast! If you would like you can be a Kung Fu Panda too--actually, you can learn Karate or even Kun Fu if you would like. Was your Shmuel the delivery boy story about watermellons? Ask Shmuel HaGadol to tell you about avatiach :) I love you!! Keep the stories coming! Good job! Daddy

Anonymous said...

Hi Sami, I read your blog and found myself wanting your breakfast. It sounded so
yummy!! I know that you are a great cook, because your bubbie is a great cook. I
know that you like to cook with her sometimes.

I also loved the picture of the tiny beaded necklace that you made for your
saba. My three girls love to bead necklaces when they have the time. We go to
bead stores and craft stores to purchase beads and to get ideas.

It sounds to me as though you are having lots of fun and I love reading about
all of it. I will keep looking for your blogs. I like the stories that your saba
tells you at night. I wish I was there to hear how he met your bubbie and fell
in love, because I met your bubbie when I was very young . You have a very
special bubbie. I love her too.?
I have to go now but I will keep looking at your bubbie's blog for your posts. You do a great job of telling everyone about
your fun filled days. Have fun today.? With love, your bubbie's friend, Roxy