Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Aloha Spirit Makes a Brief Visit to DC

A year ago this week, a significant contingent of the characters chronicled here at Marilyfe descended upon the Garden Island of Kauai for an amazing trip that may one day be regarded as the preface to a new chapter.
Before I left for San Francisco last week, I was looking for something non-productive to do on the plane, so I decided that it was time I caught up with one of those shows everyone has been talking about for years--Lost. Ever since I finally embraced the 21st century and bought an iPod in March, I have found that it is now something without which I am not sure how I survived. But this is, perhaps, best detailed in a different post.

I downloaded Season One on my iPod and wound up not having any non-productive plane time until my return trip. Needless to say, I immediately became addicted from the first episode, yet consciously aware of two things:

1. If my mother were to ever watch this show, I might not be able to get her on a plane again

2. Choosing this as my entertainment on a plane was at best insenstitive of me, and at worst, a bit creepy

Though, I do have to admit that I took some solace in the fact that despite my bird's eye view of midwest flooding, there was certainly no chance of us crash landing on a remote island anywhere between San Francisco and DC.

Besides, I'd already been through the fun of an emergency landing with oxygen masks and everything a few years ago. I actually dozed off--mask and all--while the pilots circled the New Mexico desert outside Albuquerque dumping excess fuel so that the plane didn't blow up when we touched down at the airport.

So I'm now about half way through Season Two, and something I have been particularly enjoying is the beautiful setting of the show, which is filmed exclusively on the island of Oahu. Lush tropical greenery, pristine beaches with crystal azure ocean, red earth and dazzling topography make me want to spend some more time in The Aloha State as soon as possible.

But lest you think from this and my last post that I spend all of my time wishing I was somewhere else, I was treated to a beautiful double rainbow during my walk home from work today that I wanted to share. I took these shots along New York Ave. with my brand new Blackberry Curve, which features a 2.0 megapixel camera.

Here I've incorporated the remnants of the downed tree from one of my earlier pictures on the blog

So if gas prices and inflation will keep me out of Hawaii this year, at least I can try to spread a little bit of the Aloha Spirit here in the District.


sabasenders said...

I love the shots of the rainbows. As to the watching lost on the plane, nothing surprises me about you. That is part of what I love about you.

Marilyn said...

Oh my!! I don't know what to say first. Now I feel I will be lost and out of touch if I don't watch Lost. If I really let myself wander around in your links I would never have time to watch Lost, write blogs, or comment on blogs. Who knew that Illinois is also the Sucker State? Why are you wandering around New York Avenue when it has five of the ten most dangerous intersections for traffic in DC? And the music on the Blackberry site is about the most annoying I have ever heard. How can something so beautiful graphics-wise have such horrible sound? Really, the rainbow photos are spectacular! I may put up a Hawaii one so we can compare.

Matt Katz said...

awesome shots! the double-rainbow is really a miracle of nature.