Monday, June 23, 2008

Belly Aching

On Friday afternoon everyone at work decided to skate out early, so I decided to go for a much needed mani & pedi before heading to the gym. Thank goodness I did, because my first bellydancing class required bare feet!

This class was, despite its entirely enjoyable format, a serious workout! The teacher is a great dancer, and her style is very free form. There was no counting of repetitions, no standing in lines, and no shouting of moves. She simply taught us the basics of the moves, and then encouraged us to mimic her movements as she danced around the room. Once we had all semi-mastered the skills, she brought out huge scarves for everyone, and taught us how to manipulate them properly. Did I mention we all got to wear scarves with bells wrapped around our hips? It was a total blast!

Saturday morning I woke up late, had some breakfast, and went at noon to a mat pilates class. This was BY FAR the hardest workout I did all week! It was killer trying to stand on one foot for 5 minutes as we changed from one exercise to the next. I have learned that balance is a skill I must practice.

Saturday's bootcamp meeting at the park was pretty cool. We were put through our paces by a drill sargent from the local national guard. I was distracted during the instructions, and when I made a mistake, I had to drop and do 10 pushups! After the calesthenics we ran 1/4 mile to a large hill at a 45 degree angle. In our teams we had to relay roll a tire up the hill. My team won 3 times in a row!

When I got home, I jumped in the shower, and when I came out, Ari was here ready for a night out. We went to see Kung Fu Panda which was cute, but nothing special, went out for sushi, and then back to the theater to see Get Smart, which was also cute, but extremely predictable.

He slept over and Sunday morning the dog was practically in a full out tailspin needing some exercise. So we took him for a walk around the neighborhood, had some breakfast, and then decided to do some shopping at Arundel Mills. I needed some staples like tees, tanktops etc. and Ari was looking for a second opinion on some clothes for work. We had lunner at Chevy's and headed for home. I wanted to check out the Ford Escape Hybrid so we swung by a dealership, but it was closed.

It was a really fun weekend and I enjoyed spending time with Ari as usual. This morning Eytan Hammerman came to pick up the diningroom set we have been babysitting all year while they were in Israel. After work I went for a test drive in a 2006 Escape, and decided I need to try a new one to see the differences. Then I went to the gym for the bootcamp Monday night workout. I did not have any trouble keeping up this time, but I still need to work on the combinations so I don't look foolish. :)

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Ari said...

What a great idea for more synagogue programming...

Jewish Pilates, where the rabbi tries to teach you the entire Torah while you stand on one foot!