Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Little Bean

I was told by the Senders clan that I can type anything I want. Oh boy, are we in trouble! How much time do we have? Putt... putt... putt. Anyone who knows me is aware of my reputation as a chatterbox, however, in this case, I will keep it simple. I just have three little words: We are pregnant. Well, technically, I am the one who is pregnant. My husband, Andy, is along for the wonderful adventure... and foot rubs (tee hee!). He's actually been very attentive these days. We both went to the doctor on Friday, June 13, 2008 (Yep, Friday the 13th -- Do you expect anything less from me?) and got to see a picture of the latest addition to our family... our Little Bean. That's what we've been calling him (or her) these days. Our Little Bean measures up to a whopping 8 cms (about the length of the short side of a credit card) and is due to arrive on January 12, 2009. See our Little Bean below (and we think you'll agree that the nickname is appropriate).

Grandmom and Grandpop Strongin (that's Kenny and Randi nowadays!) are very excited. This is their first grandchild, after all. Also, both of Kenny's sisters and all of Randi's siblings are each grandparents already... so the Strongins are more than ready to step into their new roles. Auntie Haley and Unkie Erik are also pleased with the news! I have already been dubbed "J-Mama" by one of Andy's close friends from college. The Parker Grandparents (John & Cindy) are thrilled to be only a half hour away from us in Dover, DE and very excited to welcome their 6th grandchild to the bunch. My sister-in-law, Suzanne, has three little beans of her own. She is an angel for offering up some of her best maternity clothes and enough books to last me from now until the baby is 18 years old (and she says she has more!). All in all, Andy and I are extremely blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family as we prepare for the journey of our lives. There is lots of love to go 'round, so keep spreading it. Eventually, it will come back to you... maybe from our Little Bean (who I am sure will be full of love and laughter for everyone he or she meets!). Thanks to Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Saul (and especially Ari, who is the FCOR -- First Cousin Once Removed -- of our Little Bean. Haha!) for allowing me to post this short (ahem) blog.


Ari said...

You post whenever you want, Jamie, and go on for as long as you like. When it's on a blog, we can all read it at our own pace this way! :)

I'll be expecting updates on the bean as it blossoms into a potato, a football, and--if we're all lucky--an actual kid.

sabasenders said...

We suggested “Park-er and Bean” for the title but j-mama backed out.
As you can see we had fun scanning the FIRST photo of the bean. Now future-grandma has it on her IPhone. She was so pleased.