Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday With Sami, Izzy and the Family

A few days earlier, Erica had called and asked if their family could come to Friday night dinner. She had scheduled family portraits for Saturday morning with Mom and was supposed to fix Mom's hair. The pneumonia intervened and Mom wasn't feeling up to it during the week, so she figured by Friday, Mom would be feeling better. She wasn't. We all did have a wonderful dinner, though. Mom ate a little and went back to her room after a while, but really seemed to enjoy the family around her. She was feeling somewhat better in the morning and the portraits came out beautifully.

First thing on Friday morning, Sami and Izzy helped me to bake a sour cream pound cake for dessert. We had bought ice cream and whipped cream and giant strawberries to go along with it. I was missing a few ingredients, so we took the girls and went to the supermarket while it baked for an hour and a half. We also squeezed lemons and limes together and made fresh limeonade as Izzy calls it. Izzy particularly loves to work in the kitchen. Saul and I made strawberry soup, seafood lamaize, blintzes, tortellini, hydroponic lettuce salad, steamed broccoli, and corn on the cob. The girls are experts at setting the table from their experience with Mommy and Daddy at home. With all that, we had some time to play in the afternoon. The girls took their bikes out and rode around the cul-de-sac while I watched, and they met two of our neighboring girls, Joelle and Camilla, also on bikes. Last year, Beth bought a Chuck E. Cheeses Moon Bounce that was a terrific deal. She paid $50 for it and on the side of the carton was a coupon for $25 worth of credit which we used there last year. I went next door and brought it over in my wheelbarrow and set it up so that Sami, Izzy and Brenna could bounce before dinner. I just wish there was some way to bottle all the energy they expend and transfer it to our old bones.


Ari said...

The portraits look beautiful, and grandmom looks really happy.

Maybe it's time we update the family portrait from my Bar Mitzvah in the Great Room?

Marilyn said...

Hey! I like that portrait in the great room. Us old folks take some joy in remembering how things were before middle age paunch and hair loss.

Ari said...

I said "update," not replace! :)

sabasenders said...

Boy you almost stepped into it.