Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Great Weekend

Beth works for Toll Brothers and their company picnic was this weekend at Camp America. We had an absolutely spectacular time! The food was wonderful and included delicious veggie burgers with melted cheese, potato salad, cole slaw, chips, two pasta salads, tossed salad, a dozen different types of iced drinks and water, all kinds of ice cream, funnel cake, soft pretzels, and cotton candy to name a few of the things in which we indulged.

The girls climbed rock walls, moon bounced, went paddle boating, swam in the large pools, went down a water slide, and climbed in a ball pit. There were many other activities available for which we did not have time, such as pony rides, face painting, water balloon tossing, and a host of others. Sami passed a swimming test by swimming the length of the pool which entitled her to a bracelet which gave her permission to go into any of the pools without adult supervision. We returned home totally exhausted and totally sated.

No one complained at bedtime that they weren't tired.

While we were waiting to go to Beth's picnic, Izzy serenaded us on the piano with a rousing version of Modei Ani Lefaneyha.

We also spent a day at Beachcombers, our swim club. The weather was incredible and both girls had a chance to go diving off the diving board into the dedicated diving pool. A lifeguard waited below with a float. Both girls jumped off without any hesitation and Izzy is only four! They both loved it and neither needed the float.

Saul also had a chance to video them riding their bicycles.

In addition to all this good stuff, they finished my patio this weekend! With the blocks that were left over, Saul and I began reconstructing our garden with block walkways and planting a few Cherokee Purple heritage tomatoes among the zinnias in the hopes that the deer, bunnies, and groundhogs won't notice them.

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sabasenders said...

The camp scene was very nostalgic for me. I was a counselor there many years ago. In some ways it feels almost the same, in other ways much has been added.
The picnic was wonderful. It was a shame that I had to leave and get the window repaired on the car. But such is life. I now have to call them again. It seems that the repair is not letting me open the door once it’s been locked. I am sure mom will talk about it in today’s blog. I did get back to the fun within about an hour.
Sunday, while starving for the TEST on Monday, doing some of the gardening was fun. Then, we had our naches at the pool. Ah, life is good.
I wish to add my 2 cent. Yesterday was full of fun.