Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Samara's Corner

We have encouraged Sami to keep a journal of her own while she is here at "Camp Bubbie and Saba." The following is what she has written so far (with some corrected spelling and grammar). The part Sami enjoys most is the drawing. We hope to have more entries and drawings from her as the summer progresses.
16 June 2008
Today I jumped off a DIVING BOARD! I rode my bike, too. Izzy did this, too! I met a girl named Maya. I played with her at the pool.

17 June 2008
Today I saw someone feed two big fat hippos, and I saw a lizard named Spike and a giant tortoise. We even saw a gorilla. We went to the petting zoo, too. Also I saw some snakes, crocodiles, and frogs. I woke Bubbie up at 5:00 in the morning.

18 June 2008
Today I went to see stars called the Mango Men who are really neat because at the end they shoot t-shirts with foam blasters.

19 June 2008
Today I went to the pool and met three new friends--Loran, Amy, and Georgia. And I went to see Curious George and I jumped off a diving board. We went to the pool in Gigi’s car and I had a mixture of Shredded Oats, Koala Crisp, and Honey Nut Cheerios.

22 June 2008
I went to the pool and to the William Penn Inn because of Irv’s birthday! I played sharks and Marco Polo. At the William Penn Inn, I watched the chef make omelets.

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sabasenders said...

I just love your posting. Keep writing every day. I love you Saba